Manufacture of Copper Products

One of the areas considered highly important by the Assarel-Medet Group is broadening the range of the manufactured end products. Therefore, the company is exploring the opportunity of building an installation for rolled wire production from copper cathodes.


The company produces copper cathodes using methods of extraction and electrolytic recovery of copper from mining waters, realizing an annual capacity of up to 2000 tons of copper during the first stage of the process implementation. The technology for copper cathodes production is innovative and is developed by one of the world leading producers of mining equipment.


The realization of the project for rolled wire production would add value to the copper ore mining and processing activities. Additionally, it would enable margin optimization at the different stages of the production chain.


The Group has long-term interests in the production of copper end products as well such as cables, conductors, nano-products, etc.


Preferably, the investment shall be realized in cooperation with a strategic partner.

Rolled Wire

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The first copper cathode sheet was produced at the end of 2010 applying innovative technology.

copper cathode


As % <0,0005
Bi % <0,0002
Fe % <0,0010
Pb % <0,0005
S    % <0,0015
Sb % <0,0004
Se % <0,0002
Ag % <0,0025
(Bi+Se+Te) % <0,0003
(As+Sb+Cr+Mn+Cd+P) % <0,0015
(Co+Zn+Fe+Si+Ni+Sn) % <0,0020