Assarel-Investment JSC is 100 percent owned by the biggest and leading Bulgarian company for open pit mining and processing of copper ores – Assarel-Medet JSC

Company Profile/

Assarel-Investment manages and controls Assarel-Medet’ subsidiaries and the business development of perspective investment projects in different areas.


Our mission is to acquire, develop and manage perspective business projects in a way that guarantee sustainable shareholder wealth. We are responsible and respectful in creating value for our partners and employees.


Bearing moderate risk, Assarel-Investment aims to be high-yield alternative for the investment to its shareholders.
 investment to its shareholders. investment to its shareholders.

Corporate Values/

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As part of the Assarel-Medet Group, Assarel-Investment has adopted the 2010 Group’s Strategy for Corporate Development with its eight core strategic areas:

Assarel – Sustainable Mining Industry and Environment

Being the highest priority area for Assarel, it comprises more than 80% of the Group’s financial and material resources. Investment in technology innovation, maximum utilization of resources, reserve and resource growth through exploration and acquisitions are of significant importance for the strategic development of this area. Priority projects include local and international project focused on production efficiency enhancement and long-term mining production sustainability which is environmentally friendly and ensures occupational health and safety.

 Assarel – Logistics

Logistic activities covers investments in projects vertically integrated with the mining production and sustainable development, and also focused on engineering and entrepreneurship, copper products manufacturing, steel balls and lime production, food processing and production, waste recycling and other related productions.

Assarel  –  Ecological Energy

This strategic area includes investments made in mini water power plant, feasibility study for wind generators and regional gasification projects. Detailed information about any preliminary research conducted within this area can be provided upon request.

Assarel  –  Tourism and Sport

The Assarel-Medet Group aims to promote the development of the national and international hunting tourism and to restore the red deer population in the region of Sredna Gora. Expansion of the hotel and tourism facilities in the municipality of Panagyurishte and in the country as a whole are also part of this strategic area.

Assarel – Education

This strategic area aims to enhance the quality of education in the municipality and the region of central Sredna Gora
Mountain, and consider a joint foundation of a college or an affiliate center of a national or foreign University.

Assarel – Culture

The strategic area covers projects that contribute to the development of the cultural tourism in the Panagyurishte municipality. The projects are financed through donations by the Group and its shareholders or realized through a public-private partnership with the municipality.

Assarel – Health

This strategic area relates to a public-private project, conducted jointly with the municipality of Panagyurishte.  The projects is about: building and development of a modern radiotherapy center, delivery of a linear accelerator for treatment of a wide range of diseases and overall restructuring of the municipal hospital aiming at turning it into a modern and competitive European health institution.

Potential opportunities in building and development of a residential home for elderly people and a hospice are also being investigated.

Assarel – Real Estate and Finance

The eighth strategic area covers Group’s investments in real estate and financial instruments.


Members of the Board of Directors

Dimitar Tsotsorkov

Lushka Koprivshka

Vania Deneva

About Assarel-Medet JSC/

Assarel-Medet JSC Mining and Processing Complex is the first, biggest and leading Bulgarian company for open pit mining and processing of copper ores providing around 50% of the national production of the vital metal for the human development – copper. The company is the biggest and main factor for the social and economic development and the image of the municipality of Panagyurishte and the district of Pazardzhik. It has a structural-determinant significance for the Bulgarian economy, as one of the leading industrial company with an important contribution to the raw materials independence and Gross Domestic Product of the country.


Assarel-Medet JSC has been certified and it works in compliance with the three major international standards for quality management, environment protection and healthy and safe labor conditions. It is the first company in the Bulgarian mining industry to be awarded with the Certificate for Quality Management ISO 9001 in 1999 and it the Certificate for Environment Protection under the standards of  ISO 14 001 in 2002. Assarel-Medet defended the first in the country certificate according to the OHSAS 18 001 standard for healthy and safe labor conditions in 2003.

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Assarel – Medet Mining and Processing Complex

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The town of Panagyurishte