Assarel-Investment in line with the Assarel-Medet Group Corporate Policy, has adopted the following principles related to safe labor conditions:/

Systematic risk evaluation and application of higher standards of occupational safety and health which meet at least the minimal requirements by the legislation and the OHSAS 18001:2002 international specification.

Monitoring and planning of complex and preventive measures in order to reduce and eliminate the risk for the personnel health and life and to improve the labor conditions of all people working in the company.

Unconditional observance of the occupational health and safety requirements by the personnel and business partners on the territory of the company.

Developing high health culture of the personnel as an important prerequisite for a healthy and safe way of life.

Use of high quality working and special garment and approved personal safety devices by workers.
Provision of efficient preventive medical checks, high quality medical care and the highest level of health and life insurance for all workers and employees.