A new treasure in Panagyurishte – High-tech Medical Complex “Uni Hospital”

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For first time in Bulgaria such a large investment is being realized in the healthcare sector for which “Asarel-Medet”

JSC and “Asarel Panagyurishte Health” JSC received the prize “Investor of the Year” for 2015.

UNI HOSPITAL is equipped with the latest stage of a technologies, enabling not only early diagnostics of the

oncological deseases but also initiation of the treatment within several days after the disease is found.

The complex has 310 beds, located in comfortable single and double rooms, all connected by modern

communication media.


The project is a public-private partnership between the Municipality of Panagyurishte, Asarel-Medet and more than hundred of doctors and medical professionals.

The complex has two linear accelerators and an apparatus for X-ray therapy at its disposal. The main idea is closing the cycle “diagnostics-treatment-physiotherapy-control”. In addition to the departments for medical oncology and radiation therapy, the hospital has departments for hemodialysis, invasive cardiology and specialized surgery- urological, thoracic, endocrinological and plastic surgery.

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