Assarel-Investment on hunt for innovative business projects

The purpose of the contest was to generate innovative business ideas with high realization potential. The projects had to be related to one of the following sectors: mining industry, processing industry, components and systems for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, chemical industry, waste recycling and environment protection, electronics, electric engines. Innovative business idea (project) was assumed to be any product, process, service or business model which represents technological innovation with a useful effect and satisfies an existing market demand/niche on the Bulgarian market. The idea had to be applicable in practice and the  participants should be involved in the project development. Finalists in the contest will be financially supported to implement their innovative projects through equity investment by Assarel-Investment JSC in the newly established project companies. The total amount of funding for each project is not fixed and will be determined based on the specifics of the project and the financial model which is a part of the business plan that has been submitted to the contest.