Vishna Balneology Complex/

In the recent years the Assarel-Medet Group has realized several successful projects in the area of tourism. The next step in this direction is related to the renovation of one of the balneology complexes in the village of Banya nearby the town of Panagyurishte.


The Vishna Complex is located in the village of Banya and is 10 kilometers south-east of the town of Panagyurishte and 45 kilometers north-west of the city of Pazardzhik. Its location in rugged landscape creates a prerequisite for mild climate and clean and fresh air.


The complex is provided with mineral water for which it has a use permit. The water is slightly mineralized and has temperature of 42°С which makes it appropriate for treatment of cardio-vascular diseases and various other diseases of the digestive system, the locomotion system, the nervous system, etc.


The Vishna Complex was built in 1989 and is owned by the Group Assarel-Medet. The area of the terrain is 16,586 square meters including two parks. The built-up area is 4, 895 square meters and the total floor area is 9,000 square meters.


The Group is planning an overall reconstruction of the complex for which two different concepts have been prepared. Both projects foresee delivery of health restorative procedures and a limited scope of disease treatment services. The investor’s purpose is to build a modern rehabilitation center with a capacity of 150 beds which is modernly equipped and provides adequate medical care.



Capacity                               1.83 l/sec
Temperature                       42°C
Mineralization                     0.63 g/l
Ph                                            7.8
Radon                                   0.7 mg/l
Carbon Dioxide –
Hydrogen Sulfide               0.5 mg/l
Metasalicylic acid                44 mg/l
Metabornic acid                    1 mg/l
Metaarsenic acid                       –
Nitrites                                        –
Ammonium                                –

ANIONES                        mg/1     mval%

Fluoride                                 5.4       3.42
Chloride                                21         7.42
Bromide                                    –             –
Iodine                                        –             –
Sulfate                                  280      69.81
Carbonate                                –              –
Hydrogen Carbonate          98      19.16
Hydrosilicate                           –               –
Hydrosulfate                         1.4         0.4
Nitrate                                     –                –

CATIONS                       mg/1       mval%

Litium                                       –                –
Sodium                                 135       70.41
Potassium                               –                –
Calcium                                 47        28.03
Magnesium                             1          1.41
Ferrum                                   0.5        0.15