Manufacture of Clay Product and Ceramics/

In order to realize synergies the Assarel – Medet Group considers the possibility for mining and utlization of clay as a by-product obtained during the process of ore dressing. A study of the possibilities of using clay for manufacturing of various ceramics is also being carried out.
The clay product in the Assarel deposit has a size of 40 microns and contains more than 25% of AL2O3, less than 2% of Fe2O3 and 50-60% of SiO2. Due to its grain structure and mineral content the clay product mined in the Assarel deposit meets the requirements for production of ceramic articles, and due to its whiteness it can be used in productions of other articles as well: such as rubber, paper, paints, etc.


Asarel-Medet Group has the capacity to build an installation on its grounds that has the potential to produce 10,000 tons of clay annually. It also has the potential to expand production to 100,000 tons annually close to the railway station of Panagyurishte.


The Group examines the possibilities of producing ceramic articles from clay product as the project shall preferably be realized in cooperation with a strategic partner.


Studies show that in the different types of ceramics and terracotta production, between 20% and 75% of the traditionally used raw materials could be substituted for the clay produced in the Asarel-Medet.