Golf Treasure Complex/

Investment in attractive and promising projects related to the core business activities of the company is a part of the corporate strategy of the Assarel – Medet Group. The Group is working on a large-scale investment project of a holiday resort and golf complex for professional and amateur golf which will also offer recreation, tourism and sports activities all year long. It will be located in the village of Panagyurski kolonii in the region of Srednia giol.


The golf course itself will provide excellent conditions for international professional tournaments and amateur golf activities amongst the beautiful hills in the region. The building of the golf club will be constructed on a privately owned area located in close proximity to the golf course and will be an integral part of the whole complex. The complex shall be designed and built in such a way to graciously fit the surrounding landscape and to turn it into an excellent place for active relaxation in nature. The future complex will offer various entertainment opportunities and a huge array of different outdoor activities like tennis, mountain biking, beach volleyball, petanka and others. Construction of a hotel and a holiday village with a capacity of around 476 beds offering SPA, swimming pool, conference halls, picnic-areas, treks, etc. has been also planned.

golf igrishte

Region of Sredni giol, near the town of Panagyurishte